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How we mitigate and manage disruption is evolving all the time. It’s no longer enough to just keep up. We need to be ahead of the curve.

At the University of Toronto’s Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure (CRCI), experts from the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering are working to advance the understanding and practice of infrastructure resilience while promoting its critical importance.

As an adjunct professor, Southern Harbour’s Alec Hay works alongside the CRCI’s other noted experts to promote resilience research and practice for the benefit of communities, businesses, governments and other organizations. Alec’s areas of specialty and interest include:

Planning + Design

Infrastructure Resilience + Protection Planning

Security Integration

Recognition of Complex Infrastructure Networks

Isolated-Community Resilience

Resilient Cities

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Southern Harbour provides a wide range of training options for clients who would like to incorporate resilience concepts into their normal practice.

Alec is also an active contributor to the resilience-planning certification process, having helped design numerous intensive training courses. Topics include all aspects of infrastructure protection planning techniques, from first principles through to ongoing adaptation measures. He is also a sought-after course instructor.