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360° Consulting

Risk can be deadly. To your bottom line, to your reputation, to your mission. Luckily, steeling your organization against the shock of a flood, a grid failure or a financial crisis is easier than you think. It starts with a Southern Harbour consultation – an exhaustive assessment of your entire operation that’s designed to establish each mission-critical element and the best ways to secure them.

Resilience Planning

Protective measures need to work together if they’re going to work at all. To get that kind of synergy, you need to be up to speed on every aspect of an organization. Here’s how we do it:

Your Operation

We undertake a thorough analysis of how your entire operation functions, its dependencies, resource requirements and performance thresholds in order to generate the essential reports: Control Framework Comprising Causal Chain and Incident Sequence.


Next we review the natural- and human-risk contexts as well as the relationship between each of the potential hazards and how they can affect your operation. The results: the All-Hazards Report on Hazard Behaviour, Effects and Scenarios, and the Location Risk Assessment.

Risk & Resilience

This detailed exploration of hazard-risk treatments identifies the preferred strategies, security requirements and system integration models for your organization. The outcome is the Concept Development Report, which provides you with different strategy options for your selection. The selected strategy is then developed into and actionable risk balanced plan for resilience and security investment, decision support and operations management.

We develop a customized blueprint for risk mitigation. Each individual element of the plan is assessed for residual risk and return on investment, and aligned with your organization’s existing practices and site tolerances. No measure we undertake – no matter how robust – will ever obstruct the efficiency of your operation or work against another measure. Risk mitigation is all about balance.

Location Risk

Some organizations are at heightened risk just because of where they’re situated. In those cases, Southern Harbour pieces together a comprehensive picture of how operations could be adversely affected by site-specific issues.

We use consequence mapping and schematics to show in stark detail where your site is vulnerable, and then we repeat the process for each of the direct and indirect services your organization relies on. The result is a multi-layered depiction of where the risks are greatest – and a crucial tool for knowing how best to tackle them.

All-Hazards Analysis

Every infrastructure system is susceptible to multiple hazards. And each of those hazards, when triggered, will impact the likelihood and consequence of other hazards. It’s because of this intricate chain of dependencies that even the most complex operation needs to be examined in its totality. The end goal is to map out consequences in detail and highlight crucial warning times so that the post-incident response is as effective as possible. The review looks at potential issues from both the operational and infrastructure sides of your organization.

All-Hazards Report

Every single data point we gather from our location review and all-hazards analysis helps to form a site-specific report of the risk context. This all-encompassing document provides you with a graphic view of the risks to your built environment.

Dependency Management

If one domino gets knocked over, do they all have to fall? Not if you know how to manage the intricate web of dependencies every business relies on.

Southern Harbour resilience and protection plans make it possible for your organization to adapt when the power goes out, the roads get shut down or supplies are cut off. Failure in one system does not have to lead to failure in another.

As with everything Southern Harbour does, customization is key. These are not template solutions.

Incident Planning

How you react determines how you recover.

If you spend critical time post incident trying to determine your next move, you may not recover at all. But with a Southern Harbour incident plan, you know exactly what to do and when. We map out every step in the process so you can speed from reaction to response and then on to recovery.

Incident planning isn’t just about the results you experience immediately after a disruption. It can have significant long-term benefits as well. In fact, many organizations find they actually perform at higher levels of operational efficiency after an incident plan has been implemented.

Sequence of an Incident

Minimum Operating CapacityMinimum Sustainable CapacityResponseReactionTimeRecoveryRoutinePerformanceRoutinePlanning RequirementIncident

Protection Planning + Design

Fortitude is what we’re after, not fortresses. It is possible to withstand a major infrastructure or operational blow without having to make your site impenetrable.

A Southern Harbour security integration scheme carefully balances the site layout with access control and deterrant landscaping/streetscaping. Its focus is squarely on protection of your business, but it keeps your operating efficiency in mind at all times, which makes it possible to minimize the number of measures required. That means reduced visual impact and greater cost savings.